Cast of Team Members


Gale Welsh

Sale & Operations

Gale has 15 years experience in the Boutique carpet and flooring industry and flare for design.  The Tile Bar and Design CO. will make your home,cottage or office beautiful with an individual approach.  Drop by and see me to make your visions come true.



Stephanie G

Owner & Design Stylist, The Tile Bar & Design Co.

Co-Owner & Operations Manager, Discount Granite Plus

Regardless of the limitations of the space, your space should still be unique and distinctly yours.
Spending my childhood in Model Homes and Framed houses, watching the Blue Prints take shape & the interior walls and the room come to life through tile and flooring, paint pallets,  countertops & specific design elements to create your unique and timeless touch, has always been something I immensely enjoyed, without even realizing I was doing it.The Tile Bar & Design Co. is the brand that will allow all of your design dreams to come true at a price you only dream about!!  “Ive always had an eye for design & its great to finally have an outlet and see these dreams take shape.”

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